Unraveling the Mystery of Love

Millions obsess over it. Thousands have died for it. We all seek it. Few will find it. Even fewer will live it.

It is LOVE.

It seems we are compulsively obsessed, yet slightly confused…about love. While many of us think we know love so well we often find it hard to be unconditionally loving. So what is love… actually? And where is love…exactly? Is it something that should come naturally? Do we have to earn it? Or will it just show up? Can we expect to be loved? Or is that just the fortune of a fated few? Should we ‘feel’ love all the time or just occasionally, in some ‘emotional high’?

In what is NOT another ‘relationship manual’, nor a guide on how to be a ‘better lover’, the author takes us on a journey to the highest territory of the human spirit as he clearly reveals in very down to Earth language:

  • How to find ‘real love’ in life
  • How to bring the light and power of love into all your relationships
  • Why you are not aware that your heart has been broken, blocked, frozen and poisoned!
  • Why happiness is impossible until you know the ‘truth about love’
  • How to eliminate the one and only barrier to the discovery of love
  • The secrets of how to ‘feel’ love anywhere anytime
  • Why, in truth, you can never ‘fall’ in love

“Infinite and yet indestructible, it is only when you understand LOVE that you will fully understand your life. Unlimited and yet invisible, it is only when you know LOVE that you will know how powerful you really are.”

The 7 Myths about LOVE...Actually!. The journey from your HEAD to the HEART of your SOUL. Mike George